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Enjoy access to multiple methods to withdraw your earnings from YouTube with Yoola.
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Expand the scope of your YouTube Payout

Gain access to an easy and flexible withdrawal system with Yoola Pay
Withdraw payments from YouTube in cryptocurrency or fiat as convenient for you.
Get a single YouTube payout in multiple accounts and over 15 unique methods.

Get Started With Crypto Withdrawal

A faster and less volatile way to get YouTube payouts compared to bank orders.
Crypto helps you get your payment from YouTube anywhere in the world.
USDT payment diversifies your earnings with an exchange rate that is always 1:1 to the USD.
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Withdraw to your Digital Wallet

Link your Paypal, Payoneer, debit cards, or local fintech services to Yoola Pay with ease.
Get payments in your secured wallets anywhere in the world under 72 hours.
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Get Payments In Your Local Bank

Withdraw payments directly to your bank account.
Split your YouTube withdrawals to multiple bank accounts with ease -instead of just one.
Access multiple bank payment options including ACH, and wire transfers.
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How To Get Started With Yoola Pay

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Register with Yoola to get access to the Yoola Pay system

Connect channel

Connect your YouTube channel to receive your YouTube earnings

Withdraw Your Earnings

Indicate the amount to withdraw and choose a payment method that is convenient for you

Discover Yoola Pay Withdrawal Splitting

Link Multiple Accounts:

Add multiple bank accounts, crypto wallets, or digital wallets to get your payment. Great for splitting your YouTube earnings into savings or expense accounts

Split Percentages:

Preset a percentage of your monthly YouTube earnings that you'd like to go into each linked account

Flexibility and Control:

Yoola handles splitting your YouTube earnings across your chosen accounts and helps you streamline your finances.

How Creators Love To Use Yoola Pay

20% in Crypto Payments

1 in every 5 Yoola pay transactions are completed in cryptocurrency!

38% in Digital wallet Payments

Almost 2 out of every 5 Yoola pay transactions are completed to digital wallets

42% in Bank Payments

3 out of every 6 Yoola pay transactions are completed to bank accounts.

Yoola Pay Payments
Completed To Date:

Over $55 Million paid out to
creators all over the world

Get «Upfront Payments» with 
«Yoola Creator Funds».

Up to 200% of your monthly YouTube revenue, given to you upfront!

Gain access to instant upfront payment from Yoola to fund your content creation.
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Top YouTube Creators Using Yoola Pay

Kika Kim

Kika Kim is a Korean media personality, blogger, and TikToker who produces ASMR mukbangs, unpacking, and lifestyle content

Mr Macaroni

Mr. Macaroni is a Nigerian actor, producer, content creator, and entertainer who produces comedy sketches and Nollywood movies

Royal Arts

Royal Arts TV offers diverse content with Nollywood stars, celebrating African culture through stories and entertainment

Asked Questions

How do I sign up for Yoola Pay?

You can sign up by joining Yoola as a creator and registering for Yoola Pay access.

Is Yoola Pay secure?

Yoola follows all standard fintech measures to ensure creators get their earnings securely.

What are the benefits of withdrawing to a crypto wallet?

Crypto withdrawals offer faster processing times and potentially less hassle compared to bank transfers.

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