Yoola Partners With Omoni Oboli: And The Results Are Astonishing

15 million views in 6 weeks! Discover how Yoola is partnering with Omoni Oboli TV to conquer the Nigerian market

Temitayo Michael


Have you ever dreamed of turning your YouTube channel into a massive success story? 

You'd like to witness explosive growth, captivate audiences nationwide, and achieve monetization within weeks.

To many creators, this is a distant fantasy, but, what if we told you it's possible?

In this short article, we'll share our remarkable results at Yoola, and our transformative partnership with the incredibly talented Omoni Oboli TV. 

Together, we embarked on a journey that shattered expectations and redefined the meaning of YouTube channel growth.

How It Started: Challenge Accepted:

Omoni Oboli, born April 22nd, 1978, is a Nigerian actress, scriptwriter, film director, movie producer, and digital filmmaker.

She studied at the New York Film Academy and has written several screenplays, including The Figurine (2009), Anchor Baby (2010), Fatal Imagination, Being Mrs. Elliott, The First Lady, and Wives on Strike (2016). 

In 2018, she starred in and directed the comedy film, Moms at War.

Being a creative force with a bold vision, she approached Yoola with an ambitious goal: 

“To become the most popular YouTube channel in Nigeria.”

This audacious dream, while challenging, resonated deeply with the Yoola team.

We saw not just an obstacle, but an opportunity to ignite a creative fire and make history.

Yoola’s Collaboration With Omoni Oboli:

The team at Yoola embraced the challenge with unwavering enthusiasm. 

This wasn't just about implementing strategies; it was about uniting our passion and expertise with Omoni Oboli's unwavering dedication and strategic vision. 

This powerful collaboration paved the way for something truly extraordinary.

Our Approach: Targeting a Nationwide Audience:

Through meticulous planning and a deep understanding of the Nigerian audience, we joined Omoni Oboli TV to co-create a captivating launch campaign. 

We worked together to create an impactful social media buzz as well as strategic billboard placements and advertisements across Lagos, Nigeria, 

The Yoola team worked on a holistic channel management approach, including  preparing the videos for publication, SEO-video optimization, creating thumbnails for high click-through rates, and in-depth channel analytics.

We orchestrated a multi-faceted approach, including repurposing her long-form video content into YouTube shorts sending ripples of excitement throughout the nation.

Some of Our Earliest Results:

A preview of the results Yoola achieved with Omoni Oboli TV channel on YouTube

The results for Omoni Oboli were nothing short of phenomenal. 

Within a mere six weeks, the Omoni Oboli TV channel garnered over 15 million views, which was a live testament to the campaign's effectiveness. 

But the success didn't start from there. 

The channel had achieved YouTube monetization within just two weeks of its launch, solidifying its position and creative content as a force to be reckoned with.

Beyond the Numbers

In conclusion, while the numbers paint a compelling picture, it's crucial to acknowledge the true essence of this success story. 

Omoni Oboli's unwavering commitment to creating high-quality content with captivating storylines played a vital role. 

Her collaborative spirit and willingness to work in tandem with Yoola's expertise fueled the incredible momentum.

This remarkable collaboration between Yoola and Omoni Oboli TV serves as a beacon of inspiration for aspiring YouTube creators. 

It demonstrates the transformative power of collaboration, strategic planning, and unwavering dedication. 

If you, too, want to achieve similar success, join forces with the Yoola team to embark on your journey towards astronomical growth.