TikTok Creator Rewards Program: Insights On How It Works

Discover The New TikTok Creator Rewards Program: Tiktok’s recent rival to the YouTube Partnership Program

Temitayo Michael


Five days after TikTok announced its Creator Search Insights tool to establish its interest in optimizing the platform for “Search” for creators and marketers alike,

TikTok announced its equivalent of the YouTube partnership program known as the TikTok Creator Rewards Program.

TikTok first introduced its long-form videos in 2022, six years after its launch, and since then they’ve been encouraging creators to post longer-form videos on the platform as they recorded an increase in the interest of users for longer-form storytelling videos. 

TikTok indicated that the community spends 50% of their time on TikTok watching long-form videos that are more than one minute, compared to the usual short-form video that’s characteristic of the platform.

So the question to ask is,

What criteria make your content eligible for TikTok’s new monetization offer?

What Makes Your Content Eligible?

TikTok specifically mentioned that the Creator Rewards Program will only reward high-quality, original videos that are over a minute long and that they'll be using an optimized rewards formula focusing on four core metrics: originality, video play duration, search value, and audience engagement.

1. Content Originality: 

This refers to quality content that is unique to the creator. 

This means only content that has a creator's unique point of view, creative thought process, or content created in a way that resonates with their community will qualify for monetization

As the creator rewards program expands to new regions and locations, it's evident that TikTok will establish its version of the copyright check tool for content ownership claims on the platform just like YouTube.

2. Video Play duration: 

This means Tiktok will be prioritizing both watch time and video-finish rate. 

The program thus will reward accounts with clear and engaging content, rather than favoring accounts with an excessive amount of videos.

3. Audience engagement:

Video likes, comments, and shares will contribute to showcasing the value of a creator's content which further qualifies them for monetization within the program.

4. Video Search Value

This is a metric assigned to content based on popular search terms. 

Content that aligns with in-demand search topics will not only be relevant for searchers but will receive more value in the TikTok creator rewards program. 

To find inspiration for content that resonates with search queries on TikTok, you can use the recently announced Creator Search Insights tool to better understand what topics are popular in Search.

and finally,

5. Ad watch time

The new Creator Rewards Program also automatically rewards creators for their account's ad value, which is determined by how much time the audience in their community spends watching ads (ad watch time).

Creators Eligibility Criteria

As stated by Tiktok, to be eligible for the Creator Rewards Program, Tiktok requires you to be at least 18 years old, 

You must also have an account with at least 10,000 followers with a minimum of 100K views in the last 30 days, and 

A personal account in good standing in locations where the program is currently available.

In What Locations Is The Tiktok “Creator Rewards Program” Available?

The TikTok Creator Rewards Program is currently only available in the following locations:

  • United States (US)
  • Brazil
  • France
  • Germany
  • Japan
  • Korea (South Korea)
  • United Kingdom (UK)

However, it's important to note that TikTok has standing plans to expand the program to more regions in the future, so stay tuned to Yoola for more updates! 

New Monetization Dashboard: Transparent Analytics

To help creators better understand their earnings on the platform, TikTok also indicated that the Creator Rewards Program dashboard has an enhanced view that provides updated analytics and data, alongside customization features that allow for deeper analysis of

  • Content performance, 
  • Estimated rewards, 
  • Qualified views, and 
  • Program eligibility

These were created to ensure creators have the tools needed to build their content strategy.

Each video will also have dedicated pages for RPM(revenue per mile) and qualified video views, providing creators with detailed information on factors that include view trends, insights, and explanations that are consistent with the YouTube studio insights.

Creators will also have access to their payout records and records of previous and upcoming earnings.


TikTok is solidifying its position as a powerhouse in the creator economy, expanding its reach with SEO capabilities, an eCommerce push through its TikTok shop, and now, 

The introduction of long video content monetization via the creator rewards program.

Despite facing potential bans in some regions, TikTok's ambitions to rival YouTube and other top media platforms are clear.

For creators looking to monetize their efforts, especially in areas where the current content is not eligible, it's crucial to start strategizing for TikTok's future monetization capabilities. 

This means you should begin creating and sharing more relevant content to engage your audience and prepare for the platform's evolving features in your region!