Dive Deeper Into Yoola's Partnership With Broda Shaggi Comedy

100% growth in revenue in 30 days! Discover Yoola's strategies that directly translated to significant financial gains for Broda Shaggi's channel.

Temitayo Michael


Samuel A. Perry, better known as Broda Shaggi, is a name synonymous with laughter and entertainment in Nigeria. 

The self-proclaimed "Number 1 fine boy, Agbero" has the national internet in tight grips with his hilarious skits, catchy music videos, and undeniable comedic talent. 

But behind the scenes, a strategic partnership with Yoola has played a crucial role in propelling Broda Shaggi further into the spotlight.

This blog post delves into Yoola's partnership with Broda Shaggi's YouTube channel, highlighting the impactful strategies that have led to its remarkable growth and success.

What's Broda Shaggi's Comedy Style?

Broda Shaggi's success lies in his ability to create relatable and engaging content. 

His signature character, the over-the-top "Agbero" with a unique blend of English and Yoruba language, resonates with audiences across Nigeria and beyond. 

From short comedic skits bursting with exaggerated slang to music videos featuring his character interacting with other artists, Broda Shaggi's content keeps audiences entertained and wanting more.

Yoola: The Secret Weapon Behind the Laughs

While Broda Shaggi's talent is undeniable, Yoola's expertise has been instrumental in amplifying his reach and impact within the past month. 

Through a holistic channel optimization approach, Yoola provided Broda Shaggi's channel with:

  • Channel development consultation, which includes tailored guidance to enhance the overall channel strategy.

  • Video content optimization, ensuring videos are discoverable and engaging for viewers.

  • Eye-catching thumbnails, from top-notch well-vetted designers with an aim to grab attention and entice clicks while remaining on brand.

  • Strategic mid-roll ads to maximize the channel's revenue opportunities and

  • Content repurposing for YouTube Shorts to expand the reach of Broda Shaggi's comedy to a wider audience on YouTube.

The Results Speak for Themselves:

The impact of Yoola's partnership with Broda Shaggi is evident in the remarkable results achieved within the first 30 days:

1. We saw a 100% turnaround growth in revenue: 

Yoola's strategies directly translated to significant financial gains for Broda Shaggi's channel.

2. We recorded a 20% increase in watch time: 

Longer watch times lead to increased revenue, demonstrating the effectiveness of Yoola's approach.

Beyond the Numbers:

While the numbers paint a compelling picture, the true success story lies in the collaboration with Broda Shaggi. 

Yoola's expertise has helped him reach new heights, with an aim for more, which has increased the channel’s popularity and monetization, as proven by data.

This further solidifies his position as a leading figure in the Nigerian comedy industry.

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