Choosing A YouTube Multi-Channel Network (MCN) In 2024

Discover how YouTube MCNs can rapidly grow your audience on YouTube, boost your content visibility, and increase your revenue

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Being a YouTube creator comes with numerous challenges and responsibilities, including managing aspects like copyright issues, addressing monetization restrictions, enhancing content visibility through YouTube SEO, and monitoring earnings and content performance.

In this article, we aim to provide you with insights into YouTube MCNs (Multi-Channel Networks), explaining their significance for creators, when and why you should consider joining one, and what you can anticipate in terms of their contribution to your YouTube earnings. 

However, before delving into the details of their services, let's begin by addressing the fundamental question: 

What are YouTube Multi-Channel Networks?

What is a Multi-Channel Network?

Multi-channel networks, often referred to as YouTube MCNs or networks, are external service providers that partner with numerous YouTube channels and creators to help them optimize their monetization.

Multi-channel networks or MCNs provide a range of services such as 

  • Enhancing your YouTube audience growth, 
  • Content planning and enhancement, 
  • Fostering collaborations among creators, 
  • Managing digital rights, and
  • Monetizing content,

1. Audience Growth: 

MCNs boost creators' audience size by promoting their videos within the network and facilitating cross-promotions with other content creators.

2. Content Enhancement:

MCNs assist creators with crafting top-notch content, including idea generation, video scripting, and video editing.

3. Collaborations: 

MCNs facilitate collaborations between multiple creators, enabling them to tap into new audiences and create more engaging content together.

4. Managing Digital Rights: 

MCNs safeguard creators' digital content from piracy and assist with digital rights management (DRM).

5. Content Monetization: 

MCNs enable creators to generate revenue from their content through various methods such as advertising, content localization, and sponsorships.

Every YouTube channel associated with an MCN undergoes a review process and must adhere to specific guidelines.

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When Should You Be Looking to Join an MCN as a Creator?

The average CPM of MCN managed creators is $10.50, higher than none MCN managed creators.png

There are specific situations where partnering with a multi-channel network can be highly beneficial for your YouTube channel. These scenarios include:

1. If You’re a New Content Creator: 

If you're new to YouTube and you need assistance to expand your audience, 

MCNs have the resources and expertise to help you grow quickly. 

They can promote your videos within their network, facilitate collaborations with other creators, and provide valuable content feedback.

2. When You’re Experiencing Monetization Challenges: 

If you're struggling to monetize your content, MCNs excel at assisting creators in monetization through advertising, sponsorships, and other in-house methods. 

They can also negotiate more favorable deals than individual creators can achieve on their own.

3. You Prefer Delegating Your Business Tasks: 

If you prefer to focus solely on content creation and delegate business-related tasks, 

MCNs often employ specialized professionals to handle aspects like copyright, contracts, and payments, allowing creators to concentrate on their creative work.

4. You’re Interested In Global Reach: 

MCNs typically have a global presence, enabling creators to reach audiences worldwide. 

They can assist in localizing your content to make it more relatable to international audiences.

5. You Desire Access to Exclusive Resources: 

MCNs often create valuable partnerships with brands, editing software providers, music and asset platforms, and other companies. 

This opens the door for creators to access exclusive resources and opportunities.

Stats Showcasing The Importance of MCNs To Creators in 2024

How MCNs Can Affect Your YouTube SEO

In a 2023 study conducted by Tubular Labs, it was discovered that YouTube channels affiliated with Multi-Channel Networks (MCNs) have a higher likelihood of securing a spot within the top 10 search results on the platform compared to channels not affiliated with MCNs. 

Specifically, the study revealed that 75% of MCN-affiliated channels achieved this ranking, while only 53% of non-MCN-affiliated channels managed the same feat.

The same Tubular Labs study also uncovered that MCN-affiliated channels enjoy better performance in terms of click-through rates (CTRs) and watch times. 

On average, MCN-affiliated channels boasted a CTR of 3%, surpassing the 2.5% CTR of non-MCN-affiliated channels. 

Moreover, the average watch time for MCN-affiliated channels reached 5 minutes, compared to the 4 minutes recorded for non-MCN-affiliated channels.

For more detailed insights, you can refer to the complete study here

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How MCNs Can Affect Your Revenue

In a 2023 study conducted by Influencer Marketing Hub, it was revealed that 58% of content creators credit their Multi-Channel Networks (MCNs) for assisting in increasing their revenue over the past year.

Furthermore, a 2022 study by Tubular Labs uncovered that channels affiliated with MCNs consistently maintain a higher average number of subscribers in comparison to channels not affiliated with MCNs.

Additionally, a 2021 study by CreatorIQ found that creators associated with MCNs are more likely to see their videos featured on the homepage of YouTube, providing them with increased visibility.

To access the complete findings and insights, you can refer to the Influencer Marketing Hub's 2023 YouTube Influencer Marketing Report.

Yoola's Advisory: What To Focus On When Working With MCNs

MCN-managed Youtube creators tend to have more engagement rates compared to non-MCN managed creators.png

Deciding to partner with an MCN is a significant step for any YouTube creator. 

Before you consider joining an MCN, such as Yoola, it's crucial to gain a comprehensive understanding of the services and outcomes they promise in exchange for your involvement.

Here are some key areas to focus on:

1. Conduct Thorough Research:

Not all MCNs are alike, and some, like Yoola, have a stronger reputation and offer superior services.

Before joining an MCN, invest time in researching different options, peruse reviews from fellow creators, and seek feedback from those who have experience with the MCN's services.

2. Scrutinize the Contract:

Before you put pen to paper, carefully read and comprehend the terms and conditions of the contract. 

Pay close attention to the fees charged by the MCN, the services they commit to provide, the schedule for payment distribution, and the safeguards outlined in the contract in case of delayed or incomplete payments. 

Be aware of your responsibilities as well.

3. Seek Clarification:

Don't hesitate to ask questions if you have any doubts about the contract or the MCN itself. 

A reputable MCN, like Yoola, will provide clear and concise answers to your queries.

4. Gather Multiple Perspectives:

If you're uncertain about whether to join an MCN, consider consulting with other creators who are already part of MCNs. 

Their insights can offer valuable perspectives on what it's like to collaborate with an MCN and assist you in making a well-informed decision.

5. Monitor Your Earnings:

While some reputable MCNs, such as Yoola, may offer tools to track your earnings, it's advisable to keep a personal record of your income once you're part of an MCN. 

This helps you ensure accurate payment and helps you evaluate the profitability of your partnership with your channel.

Yoola’s Standard Criteria For Working With You As A YouTube Creator

70% of creators who work with an MCN say that they earn more money as a result.

To offer all of the special advantages listed above, Yoola MCN is continually on the lookout for exceptional creators who could benefit from a boost to their outstanding content. 

To ensure that we are aligning with the right creators, each application is individually reviewed by dedicated specialists who assess various metrics, including growth trends, content quality, and copyright matters.

Before you consider applying to join Yoola MCN, it's important to meet certain standard requirements for your YouTube channel such as:

1. Your YouTube channel should have AdSense monetization enabled.

2. Ensure that your YouTube channel fully complies with copyright rules and regulations.

3. You can also apply if your YouTube channel is actively challenging any unfair restrictions.

4. Your channel's analytics should reflect at least 10,000 views on published videos in the last 30 days.

5. You must have four or more published videos and a minimum of 2,000 subscribers on your channel and

6. Your YouTube channel should comply with YouTube's policies and guidelines.

What We Do Differently: Why You Should Choose To Work With Yoola MCN.

1. Access To Bespoke YouTube SEO

Yoola MCN offers a comprehensive YouTube SEO service designed to optimize your videos and channel, resulting in improved visibility in YouTube search results.

This is a key aspect of our commitment to help you expand your audience and increase views on your videos. 

Here's a breakdown of our YouTube SEO practices:

1. Keyword Research: 

We help you identify keywords your audience searches for with standard SEO tools.

2. Video Title Optimization: 

We create clear and concise video titles directly relevant to your content while incorporating target keywords.

3. Video Description Enhancement:

We assist with optimization of video descriptions with engaging content, while including target keywords and detailed overview.

4. Tag Inclusion: 

We add tags to your videos, both broad and specific, to help YouTube understand your content and enhance discoverability.

5. Content Quality Improvement: 

We provide tools and best practices to ensure well-produced and engaging videos that retain viewer interest.

6. Video Promotion: 

We promote your videos on our networks and partner websites to increase visibility and engagement across various platforms.

2. Increased Global Reach Via Content Localization

At Yoola MCN, we actively support our creators in expanding their global YouTube earnings. 

We achieve this by localizing and adapting their content for new audiences and capitalizing on opportunities to sell their content. 

In a 2023 study conducted by Common Sense Advisory, 57% of users expressed a preference for making purchase decisions based on localized content. 

Furthermore, Google's research revealed that localized content is 26% more likely to be consumed than non-localized content, mainly because it resonates better with viewers and is easier to comprehend.

Our services at Yoola encompass content localization in 11 different languages, and we are continually working to add more, thereby extending the reach and monetization prospects for our partnered creators.

3. More Flexible Payment Methods

We offer our partnered creators various withdrawal options, including:

  • Bank account payments
  • Payoneer payments
  • Paypal payments
  • Payments through Cryptocurrency (USDT)

Additionally, we are consistently exploring additional payment methods and are in the process of introducing Upfront payments and working capital for creators who meet our specific requirements and criteria.

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4. Customized Revenue Share Model

Yoola MCN has a proven track record of boosting our affiliated channels' revenue with consistent year-on-year growth ranging from 20% to 135%. 

We offer a Revenue Share Model of payment to our partnered channels, which means they do not need to make any upfront payments. 

Instead, they contribute a percentage of the revenue generated after forming a partnership

5. Access To Expert Content Monetization & Restriction Resolution Services

Our unique ability to provide bespoke and professional services is evident in our responsiveness to resolving monetization challenges. 

We step in with tailored solutions to rectify unjust monetization restrictions, especially the frustrating "yellow monetization" label,

We offer a remarkable track record in mitigating strikes, ensuring that our partnered creators can maintain a clean and reliable channel. 

We also keep a keen eye on content protection and monetization, assisting our creators with navigating the intricacies of Content ID, safeguarding their content, and maximizing earnings from their content. 

Getting Started: How To Link Your Youtube Channel To Yoola MCN.

To register your YouTube channel with Yoola MCN, you can initiate your application by visiting the Yoola Website here 

If you already have a Yoola account, simply click the "Add New Account" button to add your YouTube channel.

Upon completing this step, we will receive your request for linking, and we will respond via email within the next 1-2 business days

If your channel meets the criteria outlined above, we will send you a similar message on the day preceding the review by our policy department.

Our experts review your channel to ensure it complies with YouTube's community guidelines and aligns with our network's eligibility criteria.

Once we receive feedback from the policy department, we will promptly get back to you. 

When the policy team approves the channel for our network, Yoola will send you an invitation to access your YouTube Channel studio

We will require you to agree to our management terms, which involve:

  1. Granting permission for YouTube to transfer your AdSense earnings to your multi-channel network account.

  1. Completing the confirmation by clicking on "Join Network."

This process will automatically and successfully connect your channel to the Yoola CMS.


In summary, becoming a YouTube creator presents its fair share of challenges and opportunities.

Joining a Multi-Channel Network can be a strategic move for many creators, offering a range of services to enhance your content, grow your audience, and improve monetization.

However, the decision to partner with an MCN is not one to take lightly. 

It's essential to conduct thorough research, scrutinize contracts, seek clarity, and gather multiple perspectives to make an informed choice. 

Yoola MCN, for example, stands as a reputable option with a strong commitment to creators, providing valuable services such as YouTube SEO optimization, global content localization, flexible payment methods, and a proven revenue share model.

If you're considering joining Yoola or any MCN, remember to check and see if you meet the specified requirements, follow the application process, and ensure a seamless transition to elevate your YouTube content and earnings. 

We hope this article has shed light on the world of MCNs and assists you in making an informed decision for your YouTube channel.