Today, we are happy to announce our partnership with UUUM, the largest digital influencer company in Japan, achieving over 1.6 billion monthly views on YouTube with 2,500+ creators, including Japan’s No. 1 creator HIKAKIN and the channel with most subscribers in Japan, Hajime-shacho, as well as Japan’s top female creators Kinoshita Yuka, Sasaki Asahi and Kumamiki.

In partnering up with UUUM, we are looking to expand the Yoola brand and explore international opportunities for our creators. As part of the agreement, UUUM and Yoola will work together on brand promotions, creator collaborations and original productions.

We are doing everything we can to offer our creators the best tools and opportunities to maximize and optimize their content, audience and revenues. This partnership is another example of that. We at Yoola are big fans of many Japanese creators, and we are super excited to offer them new collaboration and monetization opportunities.

If you have any questions about this new partnership, feel free the drop us an email.

Making it happen.
The Yoola team.